Speed Skinning 'Yotes

Summer is when trappers usually have their regional rendezvous, and if one ever happens near your home, it's well worth your time to attend. This is especially true if you target predators.

I just came back from one of these rendezvous, and even though I don't trap, I learned a lot about predators and even more about the people who catch them.

One lesson I learned is I'll never be able to skin a coyote as fast as a high-volume coyote trapper. You see, whenever a bunch of trappers get together, you're guaranteed to see a speed skinning contest break out. And when two of the top coyote skinners at the rendezvous wanted to see who was fastest, I turned on the video camera. Because if you've ever skinned a coyote, you probably wouldn't believe it if I didn't have it recorded.

Below is video from start to finish. You'll hear another countdown happening about halfway through, but that's a beaver skinning contest starting.

The fastest time to skin a coyote was officially 2 minutes 46 seconds, and they finished so close together, you can't live on the difference. How can trappers get so fast? By skinning lots of coyotes. Trappers will always collect more coyotes than hunters, so don't compare skinning skills until you're well over 200 coyotes per year like both of these fellows.

By the way, the skinner closest to the camera shows all his coyote skinning tricks on YouTube.

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