Gear Review: Best Knives

Whether you’re out in the country or stuck behind a desk, no man should be without a handy blade. If you’ve got a fishing line to slice or an envelope to open, you can’t do any better than these select cuts from Case Knives.

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company has been making knives since 1889. Since we don’t have a calculator nearby, we’ll just go ahead and say that’s a very long time.

Over the years, generation after generation of expert knife makers have handcrafted pocket knives, sport/hunting knives and collectables at Case’s Bradford, PA facility. If you’re in the market for a fine piece of steel, these are some of our favorites from the 100+ models you can browse here.

Texas Toothpick

Blade: Long clip blade
Length: 3 inch

USMC Knife

Blade: Fixed, blackened 109 carbon steel
Length: 7-inch blade

Camo Caliber Hobo

Blades: Clip blade, removable fork and spoon
Length: 4 1/8 inch, closed

125th Anniversary Sowbelly

Blades: Clip, sheepfoot and spey
Length: 3 7/16 inch, close

Desk Knife

Blade: Wharncliffe
Length: 6 1/8 inch

Pheasant Hunter

Blade: Fixed with pheasant embellishment
Length: 3 1/4 inch blade

Boy Scouts of America Hunter Trapper

Blade: Embellished clip blade, guthook and saw blades
Length: 4 1/8 inch closed

Camo Caliber Peanut

Blades: Ground clip and scissors
Length: 2 7/8 inch, closed

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