From The Truck To The Field

Remember to protect your rifle as you head to your favorite hunting spot. Depending upon your hike or ride out to the hunting location, you will need to take various measures to protect your primary hunting tool.

While hiking through brush, briars or in the rain, you should cover your scope, barrel or possibly the entire gun. Small scope covers keep your scope clean and dry and gun condoms, which cover the tip of your barrel keep moisture and debris out. Better yet, look for a gun sleeve. It will protect your entire gun from moisture, scratches, dust and dirt. All of these items are small, light weight and will easily fit into your pack when you remove them.

You may have to climb hills, into elevated blinds or into tree-stands. You’ll be most stable if you have your hands free for balance while climbing. Put a sling on your gun so you can carry it over your shoulder as you ascend a steep hill. Straps and ropes are helpful to hoist your gun and other equipment up once you are safely in a tree stand. (*Don’t forget to wear a safety harness.) When hoisting your gun up, be sure to cover and protect the sights or scope in case of impact.

If you have an ATV or UTV, purchase a hard case to mount on the vehicle. A hard case will afford the best protection for you gun as you maneuver and bounce through trails. Never forget to protect you gun while transporting via boat or canoe. A soft case is sufficient but make sure it is waterproof and floats so you don’t have to take a swim in search of your favorite gun.

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