Are You Prepared For An Emergency

You never know what life's going to throw your way so you'd better prepare yourself for things like a power outages, getting lost in the middle of nowhere or ultimately doomsday. Take a look at these awesome packs that'll keep you on ready, for any situation.

Brownells has put together some amazing packs to equip you for any emergency. Each kit comes with its own bag, backpack or plastic box and includes a hook-and-loop patch or sticker that attaches to it for easy identification when you need to grab-and-go in an emergency situation.

Hygiene Kit

This pack comes with all of the supplies to keep you clean and healthy for 72 hours. It includes soap, toiletries, sunscreen, anti-fungal foot cream, anti-bacterial wipes, water purification tablets for up to three liters of water, extra wipes and a super absorbent compact survival towels. Learn more about this kit here.

Water Filtration

The water filtration kit has everything to collect, filter and purify up to 100,000 gallons of water. It also contains enough chlorine dioxide tablets to treat 30 quarts of water. Plus, it comes with an additive called Oral IV that helps hydrate and replace needed electrolytes and minerals. Get more details here.

Civil Unrest Kit

If self-defense is your thing than this kit is for you; it has all the tools to keep you safe during a riot or large outbreak of lawlessness. It contains a Pro Mag Archangel Defense Pen, OC spray a telescoping baton and folding knife. Find out more here.

Power Kit

Power is essential in any emergency and this kit allows you to charge your devices and keep your flashlights going strong. It has a solar charge, rechargeable batteries and a 12V USB adapter. Details here.

Home Kit

The Home kit is something everyone should have in their home it has enough food and supplies to live off of for three days. It includes a watertight box to store all of the supplies, water purification gear, a portable stove to heat the food in the kit, candles, flashlights, batteries, solar chargers, a crank radio and a first aid kit.

ESG Essentials All-In-One Kit

Rather than buy each of the Power, Hygiene, Water Filtration, and Civil Unrest kits separately get them all in one pack plus an added backpack to store them in. Check it out here.

Emergency Gun Bag

In a full on emergency you’ll likely want to carry a gun to ensure your safety and get food. If this is indeed your plan, you’re going to want this kit. Along with a backpack you get all of the gear needed to keep your firearm running for a long-haul, with everything from a cleaning kit to two 20-round AR-15 magazines. On top of all that, the bag contains everything you need to survive in the wilderness except food. Find out more about the Emergency Gun Bag Kit in the video below or click here.

If you’re the guy who's on the ball and ready for most anything you’ll surely need to get some of these kits. They’re also a good guideline to follow if you’re the DIY type who wants to make your own emergency kit, from supplies you already own.