Why I Carry My Sidearm In The Field

Do you carry a sidearm while you're hunting? Maybe you should consider it.

I do. My primary use for owning firearms is for hunting purposes. My concealed carry gun is of adequate size and caliber to use while I’m hunting. Although this is the intended purpose, there is a secondary cause for having it, which is self-defense.

Usually when I’m chasing wild animals through the woods, my pistol is securely strapped to my side. I’m aware of its location on my body and have rehearsed quick-draw techniques. I’m prepared in the event my target comes into view and is moving by rapidly. I’ve also mentally prepared for an aggressive animal invading my space.

In addition the rehearsal with my pistol includes any possible encounter with an aggressive human. Being a woman alone, or with my daughter, in the woods makes me a somewhat vulnerable target to would be attackers. Do I foresee being attacked? No. Not really, but I might as well be prepared for all scenarios and not need to use my gun than have an unexpected experience and not know what to do.

A huge part of carrying is responsibility. Just as I need to know if the bear or lion is of appropriate age or sex before I fire a shot—I need to be absolutely sure my life is in danger before I brandish my pistol. If I’m not 100% confident, an aggressor could take my protection. I can’t be, too slow to make a decision because when my weapon comes in to view, I might be shot at first. Plus, I have to know what happens if I do shoot because it’s a lot of responsibility.

Keep these 3 things in mind to help you avoid a sticky situation before you are caught in it:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.

  2. Trust your instincts.

  3. Get out of the area before things escalate.

Get more information on the NSSF's Project ChildSafe by going to ProjectChildSafe.org

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