Advanced Trail Camera Tactics

It's not too late for big-buck inventory. Velvet shed is right around the corner, but the sooner you know which buck you'll be setting your sights on the better prepared you'll be!

I’m sure it goes without saying that successfully implementing trail cameras into your summer and fall scouting efforts takes strategy. But how much? What aspect of collecting data about your heard health and buck inventory often gets overlooked? One thing is for sure, if you disregard anything at this point in the game, it could cost you the buck of a lifetime once fall arrives.

The embedded video discusses a few tactics that often get overlooked, and although it takes place in early July, it’s still relevant now, especially if you are just getting cameras set up for the remainder of the summer—and it can carry over into the transition period between late summer and early fall, which we’ll be talking about soon as well.

There is still time left this summer to get your trail camera game plugged in. Consider a few of these tips and you’ll get more and better pictures of the deer you hope to harvest this fall.

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