Killing Time Blog: Man vs. Skunk

Spend enough time in the field with a bird dog and eventually it will have a run-in with a skunk.

This past Saturday my yellow Lab decided it’d be a good idea to check out an interesting odor coming from a brush pile on public land in eastern South Dakota. During our midday hike my dog, Togo, had flushed a few pheasants and jumped a hen turkey and her poults from the CRP and nearby shelterbelts.

And while I thought Togo was sticking her nose into a tangle of brush to bother a hare or rabbit, it became clear—immediately—that she’d been hammered in the face by a skunk.

Before I could yell “Leave it!”, Togo had retreated from the brush pile and was rigorously rubbing her eyes, nose, mouth and ears on the ground in an attempt to escape the stink and sting. Not good!

To make matters worse, it’d been raining most of day, and for whatever reason, a wet dog stinks 10 times worse than a dry dog after it’s been sprayed. Togo spent the remainder of Saturday tied to her leash in my in-law’s backyard, and even after we bathed her with our special skunk-smell killing formula, she still reeked.

The rains finally stopped on Sunday, and after Togo dried out she didn’t stink too bad. Or perhaps my family and I were simply getting used to the stench? But as luck would have it, a single gray cloud provided a quick downpour on our poor dog right as I was packing our Toyota Corolla for the 3-hour ride home. “Windows down, kids!”

Togo spent last night in our garage, and depending on how she smells tonight, she might get to come back into the house this evening. Speaking of spending the night in the garage, I wonder where the guy in the video below slept after his good deed went bad?

Until next time . . .

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