Mathews Minute: Brainwashing

What if I told you everything you thought you were doing right to improve your "arrow accuracy" was actually brainwashing yourself?

We've all had that high school coach who rammed the ol', "This sport is 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental" speech down our throat. Or how 'bout this rendition: "Ninety-five percent of this game is played between your ears. Use your brains and not your brawn!"

I loathed those speeches and, quite frankly, figured my odds of victory on the high school wrestling mate were better if my arms were bigger than my opponent's ... I didn't really care who had the bigger head.

Looking back, of course those coaches were right, and those hard-learned lessons carry over to our world of bowhunting ... any hunting, really. You will perform how you practice; there's no way around it.

So, if you practice flinging arrows all summer from the line at your local archery range, and then hunt primarily from an elevated treestand, you're asking for serious trouble. Or, if you train your mind to shoot little black dots on Block targets all year, can your mind make the transition when a whitetail, which don't come standard with aiming dots by the way, and out the arrow where it needs to go while the pressure is on?

Check out this video to see what I mean:

This concept holds just as true for rifle hunters as well. Get your butt off the bench and start shooting from sticks or other field positions. You might be the gets funny looks at the range, but you'll also be the guy who has the crowd standing around the bed of his truck come fall.