When In Texas

There are 101 ways to kill a deer, but your odds increase dramatically when you pair species-specific ammo with a way-cool firearm. Here, JJ Reich talks about the unique gun and ammo combo he used on Texas whitetails.

Deadly Deer Thug Loads
Federal Ammunition recently teamed with Mossy Oak on a new product that has tied its Power-Shok line of ammo to the camouflage company’s “Deer THUGS” TV Show. The program features five hunters who make their living hunting and guiding for whitetails.

Deer THUG is an appropriate name for tough ammo. But THUG is actually an acronym: Today’s Hunters United for Good. This means a portion of the proceeds from each box goes to the Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund, which was created by the Paralyzed Veterans of America, a service organization devoted to helping veterans with spinal cord injuries or dysfunctions.

Packaged in Mossy Oak camo, Deer THUGS ammunition is available in nine popular calibers. The bonded soft-point bullet in these cartridges offers exceptional accuracy, high-weight retention and reliable expansion.<'p>

An Old—Yet New—Rifle Design
Mossberg’s SPX line of rifles combine the fast-handling capabilities of a lever-action with versatile features of an AR-style rifle. Say what?

The tactical features added to a lever-action provide improved functionality and fit. Similar to an AR rifle, its buttstock can be adjusted several inches with a simple touch of a lever. The tri-rail forend allows for the addition of accessories, such as lights, lasers or other attachments.

Its adjustable fit is perfect for youth and smaller-stature shooters, or for hunting in colder weather when adjusting for a thick jacket. The comb of the stock is also adjustable for proper cheek weld and eye alignment when using optics. The tri-rail comes with rubber, ladder-style rail covers for a more comfortable grip. The Model 464 also features adjustable three-dot fiber optic rifle sights and is drilled and tapped to mount a scope.

This rifle is great for plinking and hunting—the .22LR for small game, and the .30-30 Win. for hogs, deer or bears. The rifle could also be an alternative for self- and home-defense use, especially in states with prohibitive semiautomatic firearm laws.

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