The Best Of The Best

A big game hunt for trophy elk or mule deer atop Colorado's Kessler Canyon mesa will be a lifetime memory for you and your companions.

It's getting to be that time of year when you start getting that itch, and you look at your family or hunting buddies and think, we really should've planned something special this year. The fact is that it's going to be pretty difficult to make anything happen this year, but now is the perfect time to be thinking about the 2015 season.

Former NAH Editor Gordy Krahn traveled to Colorado's Kessler Canyon last fall ... twice ... in search of the bugling wonders that Colorado is known for. All elk hunts and mule deer hunts are fair chase and conducted on 23,000 acres of unfenced, private land with tightly controlled access.

And then there's the accommodations, which are rivaled by very few locations that offer high-quality hunting, too. If you're looking for a trip where the out-of-field experience is as phenomenal as the hunting, Kessler Canyon is an excellent place to make a week-long home.

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