Carrying A Gun In Public

When it comes to carrying a handgun for personal protection, there are many things to consider.

Which handgun do you choose? What caliber should it be? What ammo should you load in it? And, where should I train? The list goes on and on and every decision is an important one.

One thing that’s often overlooked is how you are going to carry that handgun. Many folks spend good money on a gun and ammo—and don’t give holsters enough consideration.

But here’s the thing: If your holster isn’t comfortable and won’t allow you to conceal your handgun, you’ll end up not carrying your handgun. That’s like opening a savings account and never putting any money in it.

In reality, you need more than one holster. You need a holster to work from on the range and it needs to be secure and solid. You need a holster for general concealed carry and it needs to be the same. You should also consider a holster for when your attire is minimal, one that will conceal a handgun behind a t-shirt as well as behind a winter coat.

The primary consideration for a defensive handgun is that it must work every time. The next consideration is what you need to do to make sure that you have that gun with you all the time.

I generally turn to Galco, Barranti Leather or Versacarry when I need a holster. They make good stuff and so do several other companies.

Put as much thought into your carry system as you do your gun and ammo selection. Buy something that works and something that’ll help you carry covertly and comfortably.

After all, telling a mugger that you have a really nice handgun at home will not deter him in any way.

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