Great Gear: World’s Most Adaptive Rifle

A true tactical rifle needs to be able to adapt to any situation.

This is the appeal of the AR-15; it can be configured to deal with just about anything except long range precision. When it comes to getting lethal hits at long range—whether in tactical situations or while hunting—you need a precision long-range rifle. Generally, a bolt-action rifle is required to handle cartridges suited to long range shooting. Until now, that adaptivness has not existed with bolt-action rifles.

A custom rifle builder in Texas is changing all that, and he’s doing it by combining what he’s learned over the years while making custom hunting rifles with a few lessons from the AR craze. Charlie Sisk at Sisk Rifles has engineered what might be the most adaptive bolt- action rifle on the planet.

The stock has limitless adjustments for the everything: length of pull, the height/position of the butt pad, the height of the comb or check rest, and even the angle/cant of the stock. In addition to all this, the forearm can be configured to house a built-in Surefire flashlight, support night vision devices and just about any other accessory you might want to add on. For these reasons alone many of Texas’ law enforcement agencies are working with Sisk in an effort to obtain these rifles and stocks.

But that’s not all. By incorporating an AR-type handguard into the rifle chassis, Sisk has managed to make this platform even more adaptable. You see, when you place a bipod on the ground you are limited with the adjustment in the bipod legs. If you’re on a very steep grade, you still might end up shooting with your rifle canted. The cool thing about the AR handguard Sisk is using is that it can be unlocked and twisted 360 degrees. This allows you to place the bipod at any angle and still shoot with the rifle perfectly level.

Want more? What if you need to make a precision shot at long range but you must shoot from the standing position? In the past you would look for a standing rest—maybe a tree limb or a wall. With the rotating AR-style handguard, all you need is a vertical support, such as a tree or the edge of a building, or maybe a utility pole. You can rotate the handguard 90 degrees and lock it in place and then extend the bipod and place it against the vertical support. Now all you need to do is lean into the rifle and you have a rock-solid rest.

Shoot with precision with a rifle that will fit you—or anyone else—from any position. That’s what I call adaptive.

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