It’s Time To Fire Your Fly Swatter

Nothing spoils the fun of a backyard barbecue or evening meal at the dining room table faster than a pesky fly.

In the past, you had to find the fly swatter (who the hell had it last?!) and then hope the little bugger landed on something other than the brats, burgers or fruit plate. And what were you to do if it landed on Great Aunt Mildred’s shoulder? Swing for the fences and apologize later?

Thankfully, now there’s a way to terminate a fly’s life without destroying the meal—or your relationship with shirttail relatives—and it’s called Bug-A-Salt .

As the video below shows, Bug-A-Salt is deadly on flies without causing collateral damage. Basically, it’s a pump-action gun that fires a pinch of salt—at fly-killing speeds!

Fly Fever
I used a Bug-A-Salt for the first time last night while having supper with my family. A single fly had entered our home, and its sole mission in life was to piss me off. And it was doing a pretty good job, so I grabbed the Bug-A-Salt gun and decided to end the nonsense.

The first time the fly landed after I was armed, it was on the edge of the kitchen sink. I carefully stalked my prey to within 3 feet, raised my weapon, but then anxiety took over—think Buck Fever, only with a fly—and I jerked the trigger without aiming precisely and missed. Damn!

Seconds later, however, the fly landed again—this time in the sink basin itself. With the pressure of my whole family watching, I carefully aimed and fired. Whack!

Mr. Fly tumbled across the sink and twitched his wings a few times, but it was clear he was being called toward the picnic in the sky. (My oldest son wanted to pose with our prize, so that’s him in the pic at the top of this page.)

I can’t tell you how many flies I’ve killed with fly swatters, magazines, caps and anything else I could find at the time, but I’ve never—ever—enjoyed a fly hunt as much as the one with Bug-A-Salt. And my days of yelling at the kids to “Shut the front door; you’re letting in bugs” are over. Maybe tonight I’ll post a sign beside our opened front door that reads: “Enter . . . if you dare.”

P.S. Click here to shop for a Bug-A-Salt gun, as well as funny t-shirts and other accessories. And if backyard grilling is your thing, you don’t want to miss Bug-A-Salt’s Summer BBQ Buddy Deal .

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