Home Hardware Tools For Hunting

Are you trying to justify your next power tool purchase? You might be able to justify it for home AND hunts ... if you’re creative.

The recent explosion of battery- and small engine-powered tools allow you to take this power to the woods and utilize it for whitetail ambushes, as well as home upkeep.

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A leaf blower can clear a sidewalk of leaves in minutes, and it can also open up an area for a mini, woodland food plot. Pack along some seed, a rake and your leaf blower to complete the chore. First, fire up the leaf blower and clear an area that gives you an ambush location, yet enough sunlight to grow a small food plot. Moist areas along riparian areas are ideal. Next, scratch the area with a rake and scatter the seed. Scratch soil back over the seed and then complete the plot by using your leaf blower to spread a layer of natural mulch back over the plot. Now sit back and wait for rain—and the bucks—to arrive.

String trimmers can make quick salad of any undesirables in your yard, and you can bore a hole through almost any vegetation to make an impromptu whitetail trail past your stand. Whitetails search out the path-of-least-resistance, and you can direct them with well-manicured trails. While you’re at it, clear out any odor-catching vegetation around your stand to ensure you won’t leave your calling card walking to or from your stand.

Hedge trimmers allow you to get creative with your yard shrubbery, and you can use them to clear shooting lanes, remove shot-obstructing limbs and even carve out openings to attract deer. Wait until midsummer to get every little branch out of the way. Trim too early and something could grow again; too late could cause deer to avoid the area.

Reciprocating saws are the Leatherman tool for handymen because they do it all. In the woods you can use them to remove stubborn branches, small saplings and other shooting or trail obstructions. You can also use them after the hunt; they work great for quartering a deer quickly and efficiently, and they make antler removal or even European skull preparation an easy task.

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