Great Gear: Ruff Tough Dog Crates

You’ve put considerable time and money into your hunting dogs, so it only makes sense to protect that investment. And nothing is more important than making sure they’re safe and secure when traveling from Point A to Point B.

Ruff Tough Kennels portable travel crates—made by South Dakota dog trainers and outfitters—are designed with your dog’s well-being in mind. Unlike many portable two-piece crates, Ruff Tough crates are molded from a single piece of heavy duty PE plastic for extreme durability.

Heck, they’ve kicked them out of moving trucks, dropped them from 12 feet and even shot them up with a 12 gauge to make sure Fido will be properly protected. (Yes, the crates were empty during all these torture tests!)

My dogs have traveled in Ruff Tough crates for several years now, and in my book they can’t be beat.

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