2014 M3GI = Wicked Fun!

Crimson Trace’s 2014 Midnight 3-Gun Invitational (M3GI) brought many of the nation’s top 3-Gun competitors to the Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association range to take their best shots at the event’s prestigious top spot—and a $10,000 Grand Prize.

The widely recognized multi-night competition in the desert also saw the frequent use of Crimson Trace laser sighting systems and tactical lights.

Those products were attached to the firearms of the shooters and helped them take precise aim and make scoring hits.

Among the top ten 2014 M3GI winners (and their sponsors) are: 1. Daniel Horner (US Army); 2. Matt Sweeney (US Army); 3. Kalani Laker (Optics Planet); 4. Joel Turner (US Army); 5. True Pearce (Seekins Precision); 6. Jerry Miculek (Smith & Wesson); 7. Keith Garcia (Timney Triggers); 8. Travis Gibson (MGM Targets); 9. Nate Heinrichs (Elite Arms and Supply); and 10. Jesse Tischauser (Optics Planet). Click here for a complete list of M3GI sponsors.

Horner, the first place winner, is a member of the US Army Marksmanship Unit, and this was his third time winning first place in the popular M3GI competition. He topped a field of nearly 200 competitors and shot his way through 10 stages during the two night event.

The competition’s High Lady winner was Lena Miculek, whose sponsors include Smith & Wesson. Nearly 20 females competed in this year’s event, including Olympic athletes Tracy and Lanny Barnes. The winner of the 2014 M3GI High Junior division was Brian Nelson, a 17-year-old competitor who finished in 13th place among the nearly 200 total competitors.

Congrats to all the winners and participants in this amazing M3GI after-dark shooting event. And be sure to scroll down to check out the crazy-cool pics below.

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