Deer Season Is Finally Here (In ND)!

If you’re anxious to begin bowhunting whitetails—and who isn’t!—then consider a quick road trip to North Dakota; the season begins at noon on Friday, August 29. The state allows you to have a real shot at a velvet-racked buck, and tags are available over the counter (well, sort of).

By “over the counter,” we mean the tags aren’t distributed via a lottery system. Bowhunters can buy a license online at the State Game and Fish Department website; by calling 800-406-6409; or at license vendors in counties that are linked to the Game and Fish Department's online licensing system. If you purchase your license online, then you’ll need to wait for the tag to arrive in the mail, which can take several days.

Keep in mind that bowhunters must follow all regulations of the managing agency when using treestands on public hunting areas, including displaying your name, address and telephone number on treestands left unattended on Game and Fish wildlife management areas.

By mid September, P&Y-sized bucks will have shed their velvet, so plan a road trip today!

P.S. For a taste of what North Dakota bowhunting is like during September, click the Throwback-Thursday video below to see NAH Contributor Thomas Allen as he pursues a deer called "The Bent Brow Buck."