New Cams

This year I'm testing out the new Cabela's Outfitter Series trail cameras.

For years I was highly skeptical of store-branded items, and for good reason. Seldom did that kind of gear hold up to the abuse I put it through. But, that’s changed.

This year I am testing out Cabela’s Outfitter Series trail cameras. I chose to go with the 8MP and Black IR for a few reasons. I like big pictures, especially when details are important. If you can’t make out certain details on a buck’s rack when you zoom in on the picture, what’s the point? Quality images are cool—and helpful!

Black IR? This is a relatively new concept in game cameras, but I have lots of historical videos and pictures that show deer—and other critters for that matter—staring at the red lights that a red IR produces. From what I’ve seen with black IR, it illuminates adequately and the subjects don’t seem to see it. In fact, it was originally used for home and property surveillance, as the would-be assailants don’t notice the feint glow that is produced—its ultra-low contrast seems to be key in going unnoticed.

The cameras also come with a mounting bracket that is handy if you need a camera in a particular spot, but the ideal tree doesn’t exist. You can screw this baby into a deadfall and get the kind of photo you need. Super versatile!

I’ll be posting photos from this camera as the season wears on. Stay tuned!

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