Montana Decoy Co. Wants Your Opinion

Every hunter has strong opinions when it comes to product design, so here’s your chance to weigh-in on a new decoy.

First a little history lesson: Montana Decoy Co. was created in 1996 by elk hunting enthusiast Jerry McPherson, a regular guy trying to improve his hunting. When Jerry found a way to do this through an innovative collapsible decoy, he wanted to share his successful invention with the rest of the bowhunting community. Montana Decoy has since expanded beyond elk decoys and now makes more than 19 different models. This modern-day success story is one of true hard work and dedication by Jerry, his family and close friends.

The company is working on a new Moo Cow decoy and recently posed this question on its Facebook page : “What do you think about the mesh window? It's on the current Moo Cow, but do you think the new one needs it? Let us know. Thanks!”

We editors hope you know this already, but we’ll state the obvious just in case: The Moo Cow decoy isn’t designed for hunting farm cows. You use it in farm/ranch country where game species such as pronghorns and turkeys share the soil with moo cows, and you hide behind the decoy while sneaking within shooting range of your target.

The mesh window enables you to look at your target without having to raise your eyes above the back of the Moo Cow decoy. We editors think the company should keep the mesh window in the newly designed deke, but what do you think? Visit the Montana Decoy Facebook page and give them your 2 cents.

FYI: Super-portable Montana Decoys are used by some of the most successful hunters across North America. Scroll below to see the proof!

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