Woman vs. Wild

When it comes to taking down a massive bull elk, it’s all about waiting for the perfect shot and then executing it.

Corrine Yohann Bundy works as Online Content Manager and Media Buyer for Mathews Inc., but you’d be dead wrong to assume she can’t hold her own in the field—or on the archery range. In fact, Corrine was a member of the Texas A&M Varsity archery team for 4 years (class of 2007), and was a three-time National Team Champion, a three-time All-American, as well as Academic All-American.

She recently returned from filming with the North American Hunter-TV team at Banded Peak Ranch Outfitters in Colorado, and had an amazing adventure.

“Beyond thankful to lay my hands on my first elk!” she posted on her Facebook page. “We were about to give up on our location when this beautiful 6x6 came in from 80 yards, silently searching for a cow. The Mathews Chill SDX did its job at 17 yards, and I watched as a dream came true just 50 yards later!”

Now you want the rest of the story? According to the cameraman, the bull came across a large meadow, closing the distance on Corrine and her guide, but due to the quartering-toward angle, there was no shot. With Corrine already at full-draw, the angle on the bull changed ever so quickly to nearly broadside, and before the guide could finish whispering the word “shoot,” Corrine’s arrow was already on its way. And she double-lunged the bull perfectly. (Check back to HuntingClub.com often because we'll post a video clip soon.)

Corrine, congrats on a fantastic elk!

P.S. Prior to the trip, she posted the photo below and wrote: “Set the Chill SDX up yesterday, and a few arrows later had a Robin Hood sighting-in at 30 yards. This bow can shoot!”

P.P.S. Scroll below to see a bird, buck and bruin that also were tagged by this accomplished archer.

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