New World Record Pronghorn Is Certified

Mike Gallo was hunting in Socorro County, New Mexico, in 2013 and killed what many people believed would become the next world record pronghorn.

Recently, the animal was certified by the Boone and Crockett Club as the new world record, with a final B&C score of 96-4/8 points. Gallo’s trophy buck had horns measuring 18-3/8 inches (right) and 18-4/8 inches (left).

According to B&C officials, the new pronghorn record breaks a tie between two bucks from Arizona. One was taken in Coconino County in 2000, the other in Mohave County in 2002, and both scored 95 points.

If you carefully check the record book listings, you’ll notice that the 1.5-inch difference between these old records and Gallo’s buck is enormous. In fact, the margin between these trophies is the largest in B&C pronghorn records, which contain more than 3,400 entries.

According to the B&C record book, Wyoming ranks No. 1 in total entries with 1,154, followed by New Mexico (627), Arizona (339), Nevada (288) and Montana (183).

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