Elk Hunting Or Derek Jeter

Elk hunting over baseball might seem like a no-brainier to you, but for former Yankee great, Andy Pettitte it might be a more difficult decision.

Apparently Sunday was Jeter Day (Derek Jeter) at Yankee Stadium and Andy Pettitte, Derek's long-time teammate skipped the event.

Why did Andy skip Jeter Day? To go on an archery elk hunt in Colorado, with family. Below is a photo Andy's son Josh Pettitte Tweeted of him and his father.

I’m glad to see Andy and company picking hunting and family over baseball. Derek will likely get over it, especially if Andy sends him some elk jerky. (Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against baseball but hunting’s on the top of my list).

What I really wanted to know; Did they fill their tags? But before I could ask, our friends over at the RMEF sent Josh a Tweet asking the same question and received a response. See below:

Better luck next time, Pettitte boys. Make sure you keep us up-to-date on your hunting adventures.