Tips For Selecting A Pronghorn Guide

If you're looking for a true record-class pronghorn and want to go guided, here are some suggestions from booking agent Wade Derby of Crosshair Consulting.

“In New Mexico, trophy quality can be very high and there’s no tag draw because you can buy a landowner permit,” Derby said. “Hunt cost runs $2,500-$4,500. Arizona has perhaps the biggest bucks of all, but drawing a tag can take more than a decade.

"If you do draw, go guided for sure and expect to pay $3,000 or more for the hunt. Nevada is my next choice for a monster buck, but the draw is also extremely tough and hunts will run $3,000 and up. Next would be Texas, which has landowner permits, so there’s no draw, and the hunts run about $2,750 and up.

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“How about a sleeper hunt or two?” Derby continued. “Then think about the northeast corner of northern California, which has a private-land tag program and some huge bucks. Cost would start at about $3,500. And the plains of southern Alberta also hold some whoppers and, again, there’s no tag draw and cost would run $3,500 and up.”

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