Hydrate For Safety And Success

It seems like something that should be common sense to us all, but sometimes we forget the importance of hydration.

We get excited. We get in a hurry. We don’t want to pack something that sloshes and makes noise. We even don’t want the extra weight. The thing is, if we’re dehydrated, we might not make a good shot or worse could make poor decisions in the field.

There are so many easy ways to take water along that there’s no excuse to pass it up.

  • Filtration bottles – Most back country supply houses and even almost all sporting goods stores offer bottles with built in carbon filtration systems. If you are in an area where natural springs or rivers are located, these are perfect because you only need one bottle.

  • Bladders – Check with the maker of your backpack to see if they offer bladder systems. They fit snug in your pack an have a tube that’s easy to drink through while making minimal movements and little noise.

  • Hydro-flasks – These eco friendly containers are perfect for refilling your water without filling up the landfills.

  • Plastic bottles – Never count out a 99 cent bottle of water from the store. Yes, they’re a bit noisy in the field, they take up room in your pack, but hey, you’ll survive the heat and make steady shots.

Even if you think you’re only going on a short hike, always remember to pack water. You’ll have clearer thinking, steadier shots and be capable of packing out an animal in the hot weather. Good luck. Have fun and be safe.

For more info on NSSF's Project Child Safe go to ProjectChildSafe.org.

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