Blondes And Black Bears

The world is definitely a better place today with one more bear hunter in it.

From the moment Todd and I put our first donut on the ground, our mission was to fill the tag each of us had in our pocket. Baiting bears is never easy ... we learned that many seasons ago. But we also knew that getting Todd a bear in our "G Spot" would likely happen before before I got onto a good bear in the no-quota zone.

One of those tags is now filled, and here's the video update to bring you up to speed.

I introduced Todd to bear hunting in 2006, and we've become inseparable "Bruin Brothers." And Although I couldn't be more happy ... or proud ... of Todd for vowing to shelve the rifle and tote his bow this season, he definitely is no longer the cutest bear hunter I know.

Mya, welcome to the team.

Lesson learned: Pink does have a place in bear hunting.

This smile tells me there's no better way to raise a daughter.

Even with an over-abundance of crops in the area and a massive acorn crop falling, how can a bear resist a frosting-caked tree?.

Welcome to the buffet.

The best way to recover from a hard morning of bear baiting is to cool off with ice cream. Even bear hunters shouldn't eat donuts all the time ... it's just not healthy.

Interested in talking bears with me? I'm already waiting here in the forums.

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