New Camo Pattern For Western Big-Game Hunters

Ridge Reaper Barren is an innovative and exclusive new camouflage from Under Armour that will be featured in a clothing collection built specifically for western big-game hunting.

According to Under Armour designers, the new pattern (below) incorporates “coincidental disruption technology by using irregular shapes and angles, making the hunter practically invisible in the wild.”

The camo doesn’t attempt to mimic true-to-life branches, bark, grasses, leaves and rocks; instead it utilizes a no-background pattern technology, which weakens an animal’s natural ability to perceive complete forms. In other words, it breaks up your outline.

In addition to selling tops and bottoms in Ridge Reaper Barren, Under Armour will also put the new camo pattern on hats, gloves, boots, backpacks and binocular straps. Click here to see the current offerings.