Scent to the Freezer

TOOL: Compound Bow, RANGE: 41 yards, WIND: 10 mph - In Your Face

I should’ve thawed out the last few packs of my venison burger to make chili tonight. Perfect weather for chili. Mmm. Oyster crackers, cheese, sour cream. …

The unmistakable grunt of a buck pulls me out of my hungry, late-afternoon daze. Finally, this could be the chance I’ve longed for to refill my shrinking supply of last year’s meat. This educated ol’ boy hasn’t seen daylight since I loosed an alarming arrow (um, over his back) in early September. He’s following the primetime perfume of a hot doe that slipped through barely an hour ago, and his rut-struck tunnel vision doesn’t allow him to realize that he’s about to brawl with the bruiser buck on his tail … or my broadhead.

He slows to a cautious stroll at 50 yards. I dial my Copper John single-pin sight to 40 and consider sending a 100-grain G5 Montec toward his ticker when he closes another 10. Nope—I’ll wait. He ducked my arrow at 40 yards before, and I can’t handle another sleepless night because of this buck. It’ll only be a matter of seconds before Juliet’s sexy scent lures Romeo into range—and the end of this bittersweet love story will be inked in blood.

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