A Bowsight That Improves Shooting Form

Ask any archer and they’ll tell you bowhunting is anything but an exact science. But that doesn’t mean you need to rely on luck—especially when it comes to bowsights.

Ever since the IQ Bowsight with its revolutionary Retina Lock design hit the market a few years ago, bowhunters have taken notice. For the first time in history, a bowsight helped ensure you maintained a consistent anchor point from shot to shot.

Today, you can get an IQ Bowsight in either a three- ($99.99) or five-pin ($109.99) Ultra Lite version. The IQ Ultra Lite Bowsight features lightweight but high-impact-resistant fiber polymer construction and a silent coat finish. Other features include: adjustable windage and elevation; built-in sight level; .019 fiber-optic pins; available in right and left hand models.

As with all IQ Bowsights, the Ultra Lite features Retina Lock instant feedback Technology, which controls muscle memory, form and consistency, allowing you to shoot longer distances with tighter groups. If shooters torque their bows, or their anchor point is off, even as little as a quarter-inch, the shot can be off 10 inches at 40 yards.

The IQ Ultra Lite Bowsight will increase your effective shooting range by 20 yards or more, and IQ stands behind this statement with a bold, money-back guarantee!

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