Girl’s First Whitetail Buck Is A 12-Pointer!

Lexi Valeri loves to hunt with her dad, Dino, and she’s had an amazing time in the field during her first 2 years pursuing wild game.

In the spring of 2013 the snow never seemed to melt in Wisconsin, but that didn’t slow down Dino Valeri and his daughter, Lexi. And as the photo below proves, you can kill a snowbird—Lexi’s first turkey!—if you dress for the harsh conditions and have a positive attitude.

Lexi continued her 2013 success by tagging her first deer, a mature Wisconsin doe, with a muzzleloader.

Note: If you’re curious as to the gun rest shown in both the turkey and deer photos above, it’s called the Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod . It allows you to make precise shots with shotguns, rifles or muzzleloaders, and using one is a great tool for steadying the nerves of both young and veteran hunters alike.

Recently, the daughter-and-dad duo was in the treestands again, and this time Lexi had her sights set on a particular buck.

“We’d been watching this big buck since mid July with deer cameras,” Dino said, “and he was pounding a Buck Fever Synthetics mock scrape that I made at the beginning of August.

“We were hunting over a plastic kiddie pool filled with water, and we can bait in our area, too, so I had some corn and apples out. But we were also sitting in a place with plenty of oak trees, so acorns were everywhere. It’s a great spot to see lots of deer.

“Lexi was using a TenPoint Venom crossbow with the ACUdraw system so she can cock it herself; arrow was Carbon Express Blue Streak tipped with a G5 T3 crossbow broadhead. For a crossbowrest in the treestand, she was using the DeadShot TreePod by Caldwell.”

Congrats to Lexi on a great buck—12 points if you count all the stickers!—and kudos to Dino for passing on the hunting tradition to the next generation of hunters.

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