No School? Time To Hit The Duck/Goose Fields!

When kids from Manitoba get a weekday off from school, instead of sleeping in, they get up at o’dark-thirty to hammer waterfowl.

Tom and Judy Usunier (known as Pap and Mom) have operated Big Grass Outfitters for the past 12 years, starting as part-time operators and eventually becoming full-time outfitters.

I was fortunate to share camp with them a few years ago during a black bear hunt and had an amazingly good time. Tom and Judy remain friends of mine today, so when this series of Facebook pictures recently crossed my office computer, I knew they’d be happy to have me share them with you.

Note: Tom (shown on right in photo above) is not only a Life Member of the North American Hunting Club, but he’s volunteered on many wildlife organizations and holds memberships with the Manitoba Wildlife Federation, Safari Club, and Delta Waterfowl. Judy also serves with many of these organizations and is a voice for Manitoba’s tourism and hunting industry.

As the kids in these photos learned, Manitoba’s Prairie Pothole Region continues to produce large numbers of waterfowl. The steady increase of migrating ducks and geese can be attributed to late springs and high-water levels in the region. Canada geese, snows and blues—as well as more than 15 different duck species—use this flyway as they head south for winter.

During a typical waterfowl hunt with Big Grass Outfitters, you’ll target geese in the mornings and ducks in the afternoon. Decoy sets with full- and half-bodied shells, silhouettes, flyers and windsocks, combined with the concealment of Final Approach Pro-Guide blinds, aid in pulling in the birds for a topnotch field hunt that’s both challenging and fun.

Congrats to Tom and Judy and the young hunters on a great waterfowl hunt!

Bonus Video: Quebec Waterfowl

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