Hunter Quiz: Guess This Bullet

Are you the Einstein of ammo? Ok then, guess the brand and specific series of bullet shown in the killer photo above.

Made your prediction?

It’s a Remington Core-Lokt, which was the first controlled-expansion jacketed bullet to hit the market (1939). I’ve used Core-Lokt bullets to fill my freezer (see muley backstraps below!) and feed my family many times in the past, and it’s for this reason the photo caught my eye recently on a Remington Facebook post.

And as an editor who spends much of my day trying to find clever/engaging ways to combine words, I thought the caption for the photo was just as killer:

“The deadliest mushroom in the woods . . . ”

Well done Remington. You designed an effective and affordable bullet that has stood the test of time, and here’s to hoping hunters are still filling their freezers with well-placed Core-Lokts for another 75 years!

Bonus Video: Prairie Whitetails

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