Weatherby’s New SA-08 Waterfowler

Balance, low recoil, lightweight, low priced, and easy-to-shoulder are all ways to describe the new SA-08 Waterfowler. But when you put them all together, you get harmony wrapped in Realtree Max-5 camo.

A short time ago I had the chance to test the new SA-08 Waterfowler. Granted, it wasn’t on a waterfowl hunt, but nonetheless this gun performed better than expected.

After a full morning of hoofing it after pheasants, chuckars and bobwhites, I found my attention still on the hard-working dogs and my worn-out legs rather than continuously thinking about repositioning the gun due to tired arms. Even by the end of the hunt, this gun shouldered without effort, making it easy to track the speedy little bobwhites as they did their best to dart out of shooting range.

You’re likely thinking, “How can someone properly assess the recoil of a waterfowl gun with the measly loads needed to take down upland game?” Well, I spent a few hours the evening before shooting clays, with various guns, at the range making my shoulder as tender as a veal roast. The next morning, during my hunt, I anticipate to be in pain with every shot, but thankfully I didn’t notice any recoil from the SA-08.

As great as this autoloader performed, plus garnishing the Weatherby name, I predicted it would be an expensive shotgun—was I ever wrong. In my opinion, there won’t be many other waterfowl-specific autoloaders that offer this much value for less than $800.

Rather than list all of the specs for the SA-08, I’ll let my friend, Weatherby’s Product Manager Tim Frampton, tell you in the video below.


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