780-pound black bear shot in Wisconsin!

Many hunters are surprised to learn that some of the biggest black bears on the planet live in agricultural areas of the Midwest. Need proof? Check out the mammoth black bear recently killed by Wisconsin gun hunter Dennis Arndt.

Hunting in east-central Wisconsin near Ogdensburg, Dennis captured trail cam photos of the bear, nicknamed “Samson” by locals, near his bait site, but he was still shocked when the bruin arrived in front of his stand during legal hunting hours.

Dennis nervously made a killing shot, then called his buddies to help him remove the huge animal from the woods. Thankfully, the group had access to a heavy-duty plastic sled and a skid steer because the bear later weighed 780 pounds on a certified truck scale.

Congrats, Dennis, on keeping your composure and making a great shot!

Editor’s Note: A couple bears have been taken in Wisconsin that weighed approximately 700 pounds, but we editors could find no evidence of one weighing more than this monster. Because black bear records are based on skull size and not body weight, it’s unknown at this time if Dennis’ bear will be the new Wisconsin state record. Interestingly, the top five black bears listed in the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club record book were killed in the 2000s. In other words, the “good ol’ days” of black bear hunting appear to be right now!

Click here to see a score sheet for measuring black bear skulls.

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