Carry Multiple Rabbits With Ease

Have you ever killed a mess of rabbits only to find you lost one or two because your hunting vest wasn't big enough? Follow this awesome tip to safeguard your spoils every time you hit the field.

While rabbit hunting, carrying several rabbits can be difficult. Louisiana marsh rabbits can grow to more than twice the size of an average cottontail. Snowshoe hare hunters will appreciate this tip too.

Hunting vests are good for no more than two large rabbits. I’ve lost rabbits from using vests that weren’t big enough. When I was a kid, my father showed me a simple way to carry rabbits on my belt while hunting.

Here it is:
Make a 1-inch cut through the back of the rear leg, parallel to the leg and just above the heel between the leg bone and the strap of tough tendon running down to the heel. From the inside, insert the other rear foot through the cut until the heel passes through the cut. Run your belt through the two legs and let the rabbit hang head down from your belt. The weight of the rabbit will keep the feet locked for a good hold until you’re ready to field dress your kill.

Bonus Video: Whitetail Buck Brawl

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