Winchester’s New Deer Bullet

The first-ever Winchester bullet specifically designed for deer is called Deer Season XP.

Many hunters have brand loyalty to ammo like they do with trucks. Either you’re a Chevy, Ford, RAM or Toyota guy (or girl). Likewise, your gun vault is probably stocked predominantly with either Federal, Hornady, Remington or Winchester ammunition.

If you’re a fan of Big Red (Winchester), then mark your calendar for April 2015. Why? Because that’s when Deer Season XP, the first-ever Winchester bullet specifically designed for deer, is scheduled to arrive on dealer shelves.

The bullet itself is called the Extreme Point, and it has a radically new large-diameter tip that provides immediate expansion upon impact, which delivers the necessary energy needed to put deer down quickly. We editors will be giving it a test this fall; stay tuned for the results.

Although a lot can happen between now and April 2015, the current plan is for Deer Season XP to be available in the following cartridges and bullet weights: .243 Win. (95 grain); .270 Win. (130 grain); .270 WSM (130 grain); 7mm Rem. Mag. (140 grain); .308 Win. (150 grain); .30-06 (150 grain); .300 Win. Mag. (150 grain); and .300 WSM (150 grain).

More good news: This ammo won’t break your bank. It should fly off dealer shelves for $20-$25 a box.

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