All New Six-Vane Helios Nock System

Arrow vane design hasn't been modified much in the past 10,000 years, until now—Nockturnal recently released a radical new six-vane design called the Helios.

The Helios is designed to help your arrow rotate faster and become nearly unaffected by crosswinds, thus providing you with more consistency from each shot. Plus, it incorporates Nocturnal's already reliable lighted nock design. No need to worry, if your state doesn't allow lighted nocks there's a non-illuminated version, too.

“Anybody who’s ever sat next to a window over an airplane wing knows that when it’s time to slow down and land, dropping the flaps creates parasitic drag—which is how conventional fletching works—and that can lead to a very unnerving flight in turbulent air,” said Jon Syverson, executive vice president. “With the flaps up, the smooth wing cuts through turbulence, and that’s the principal we used to design the Helios. Each of the six aerofoil vanes produces lift instead of drag to create a spin that’s impossible in conventional designs, no matter how steep the angle of the vanes.”

Types: Illumined or non-illuminated (Eclipse version)
Sizes: S,G,H, GT and X
MSRP: $34.99 for an Illumined 3-pack or non-illuminated Eclipse 6-pack

For additional details about the Helios watch our video below or go to