48-Year-Old Caribou Record Ready To Fall

On Sept. 5, 2013, Newfoundland resident Jeff Samson arrowed what is likely the largest woodland caribou ever shot by a bowhunter.

Samson stalked to within 15 yards of a truly magnificent woodland bull, and he finished his hunt by making a single well-placed shot. Samson’s massive caribou has an initial entry score that could completely shatter the current Pope and Young Club’s world record once it is verified.

The current world record woodland caribou scored 345 2/8 points, and it was taken in 1966 by Dempsey Cape in the vicinity of Victoria River, Newfoundland. Now on display in the Pope and Young Club's Museum of Bowhunting in Chatfield, Minnesota, the Dempsey Cape woodland caribou is one of the longest-standing current P&Y world's records, having held the No. 1 slot for 48 years. Click here to see a photo of the rack.

The following is not a misprint: Samson's woodland caribou (photo below) has an initial entry score of 376 7/8, which is 31 inches larger than the existing world record! Important note: This score is subject to P&Y panel judging verification, which could change the final accepted score for a variety of reasons, including unusual shrinkage or an incorrect initial measurement. That said, many people who have viewed the Samson caribou rack in person believe it will shatter the current world record.

So when will we know for sure? New world records are verified by panel judging during the P&Y biennial convention and awards banquet. That means you can see this outstanding North American big game specimen, plus roughly 100 more of the biggest and best over the last 2 years, on display at P&Y’s National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, April 15-18, 2015.

FYI: Panel judging is a process of verification of the final scores of antlers, horns and skulls of the highest ranking North American big game specimen entered during that 2-year recording period. A hand-picked team of highly knowledgeable and experienced certified measurers gather for the actual scoring.

Woodland caribou are the smallest of five subspecies of caribou recognized by P&Y’s Records Program (barren ground caribou; mountain caribou; central Canada barren ground caribou; Quebec/Labrador caribou; and woodland caribou). Woodland caribou are currently found in sustained huntable populations throughout the Canadian province of Newfoundland.

Congrats, Jeff Samson, on arrowing an amazing woodland bull!

Bonus Video: You Call The Shots Caribou

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