Long Live Medusa

TOOL: Scoped Rifle, RANGE: 133 Yards, WIND: 25 mph right to left

There’s something hauntingly alluring about the eyes of a bear, a look that makes me want to sprint in terror and stop to stare in awe all at once—like the Medusa of the modern animal kingdom. And as dazzling as this pretty lady’s eyes are, I’m resisting her trance of stone. That’s right, I said “lady.”

I’ve hunted and killed more than my fair share of black bears, but this is my first opportunity to take my bear addiction to the extreme by hunting the prowling grizzlies of British Columbia. Although I’ve got blisters on my feet from miles of mountain hiking, and I’m going to need a blood transfusion when I get home to replace the fluids the mosquitoes have stolen from me, I’m not going to end my “agony” with this bear.

A few days in the field haven’t made me a grizz expert quite yet, but the characteristics of a sow are telltale—black bear, grizzly bear or otherwise: V-shaped head; tight, high-carrying chest; and a rump that stands taller than the shoulders. Yeah, she’s got a big ol’ hump, but based on everything else I’m seeing, that hump makes her a mature sow, but a sow nonetheless. I’m willing to feed a few more ‘skeeters in search of a mature boar.

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