Size Matters

TOOL: Scoped Rifle, RANGE: 150 yards, WIND: 15 mph, left to right

My guide and I spotted two rams a couple of hours ago through a spotting scope and then painstakingly worked into position above and in front of them. I’m pretty sure this is one of them— the smaller of the pair and not a legal ram. In the Alaskan Brooks Range where I’m hunting, a legal ram needs to have full curls, unless the tips of both horns are broken (broomed), or if he’s at least 8 years old as determined by counting the annual horn rings and segments. Even though I cannot see the entire curl, I’m pretty sure this ram is only 7 or 8 years old and doesn’t have the headgear I’m looking for.

The second ram looked significantly bigger and should step into view at any moment—but I have another problem. I’ve got a bad feeling that the sheep is standing on the edge of a very steep cliff, and even a quick killing shot would send him tumbling to the bottom.

I’ll sit tight for a few minutes to see if the other ram passes by so I can size him up. If he’s a shooter, my guide and I will make another huge circle to cut them off. Glad we’re packing our sleeping bags because there’s a good chance we’ll be spending the night on the mountain.

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