TBT Video: Recoil Battle—Girl vs. M1 Garand

Do you flinch as you pull the trigger? Try this: Have a buddy film you from the side while shooting your favorite firearm, then watch the video back in slow-motion.

Hopefully, your performance won’t be as bad as this young lady shooting an M1 Garand. Editor’s note: Kudos to her for wearing ear protection, but she should be wearing eye protection, too!

Watch it again—you can actually see her eyes close before her finger moves on the trigger. It’s proof that flinching isn’t pretty.

When teaching new shooters to aim a rifle and squeeze the trigger, especially kids and other small-framed hunters, use a gun that fits properly, such as the Browning X-Bolt Micro Midas.

It has a length of pull of 12.5 inches, a 20-inch barrel, weighs 6-pounds 1 ounce and is available in three comfortable deer-killing calibers: .243 Win., 7mm-08 Rem. and 308 Win.

And unlike the M1 Garand in the video, each Micro Midas comes with an Inflex Technology recoil pad.

The Micro Midas is a sweet—and soft—shooter.

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