Mom, Is That You?

A newborn fawn appears out of nowhere and beelines it for little Maya then proceeds to follow her around the yard.

Our guess is that the folks who shot this video aren't hunters, mainly because they own a VW Van but also by the fact that they allowed their daughter to touch this new born whitetail fawn.

If you didn't know; whitetail fawns are born without scent so predators can't find them, unless they happen to stumble across them. Thus allowing a doe the freedom to leave her fawn alone, so they can eat and replenish lost energy. That said, when a human touches a fawn they are no longer scent free and much easier for predators to locate and make an easy meal out of. Please keep this in mind next spring if you run across any fawns in the woods or around your yard.

Now that it happened and we can't change the fact that Maya touched the fawn, enjoy the video:

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