The National Deer Alliance: What Is It?

The NDA is a new organization created to be the voice of today’s deer hunter and help to preserve and support deer habitat and our hunting heritage.

In my humble opinion the NDA is something deer and deer hunters in North America have needed for quite some time; an organization to speak-up for all deer hunters across the Nation and help preserve the future of deer hunting for generations to come.

I actually find it surprising that there wasn't an organization similar the NDA created sooner than 2014, especially with all of the other National organizations out their like NWTF, RMEF, DU, Pheasants Forever, etc. Either way the NDA is here now and ready to support all deer and deer hunting across North America. Below you can find out more about this awesome new organization, learn why so many other hunters are excited about it (including me) and see what you can do to help.

About The NDA
This video can say it better than I can—watch and learn.

How did the NDA come to be?
Earlier this year at the first-ever QDMA North American Whitetail Summit questions about threats whitetails face were brought to light, but it seems because of how whitetails are thriving no one was addressing these issues. So with that and many calls to create a National organization that encompasses all deer the NDA was born.

Supporters of the NDA
The NDA has accumulated support from the three largest National deer organizations, the Mule Deer Foundation, Whitetails Unlimited, and Quality Deer Management Association. Along with support from outdoor celebrities: Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, Cuz Stricland, Dr. Grant Woods, Hank Parker, Larry Weishuhn, Stan Potts, Will Primos, Bill Jordan and many more. Click here for the full list.

The Staff>
Craig Dougherty is currently the Executive Director with support from some QDMA staff including Kip Adams and Matt Ross. Ultimately, the plan is for the NDA to have its own staff.

Join The NDA For Free
Yup you heard right you can help support the future of deer in North America with a free membership to the NDA. If you’d like join the NDA simply click here and sign up.

What You Get
With your membership you’ll receive a weekly e-newsletter covering issues that impact deer and deer hunting in North America. According to Craig Dougherty, NDA Executive Director, “All you have to do is be willing to open your e-mail once a week to see what’s going on in the deer world and stand up and be counted when it matters. Decisions affecting deer and deer hunting are being made every day. Hunters need to have a seat at the table. We should be able to sign up a million deer hunters. That’s a pretty big gorilla to have in the room.”

More Information About The NDA
If you’re not convinced you should join yet head on over to the NDA’s website to get the entire story along with more information on what they do and who they are. If you’re still not convinced after viewing the website you can shoot them an email at and ask if questions directly.

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