5 Tips To Get Kids Into Archery & Bowhunting

You bowhunt and want your kids or grandkids to follow you in your passion for the outdoors and hunting. Here are five sound tips to get them excited about shooting a bow.

Take Them To The Archery Shop
On numerous occasions I’ve taken my boys to the archery shop with me—no it’s not because it’s the only way I can get out of the house. Doing this allows them to see how much fun other people are having at the pro shop. Plus, most of the old-timers will make the kid feel special for coming along. One word of caution don’t stay too long your kids will get bored and that can lead to them thinking it’s not a fun place to be.

Get'em Their Own Bow

Don’t just take them to the archery range and use the bows they have in-house, get them their own. It doesn’t matter where it’s from it could a hand-me-down or even a brand spankin’ new one, they get for Christmas. All that matters is that they’re excited about it.

A Target Just Like Yours

The more you make them feel like they’re not a kid the more they’ll want to participate. I use a Block Invasion and Block offers the GenZ youth target which is very similar to the Invasion in look but is intended for bows with less than a 40-pound draw weight. Another advantage it’s only $40.

Use Reactive Targets

Nothing says fun like the bang of a balloon popping. I have to admit, I was struggling to keep archery practice fun for my boys until my co-worker Luke Hartle let me in on this secret and it worked wonders. Our typical 10 minute practice session lasted more than 20 minutes.

Next time I’ll be adding multiple balloons to the target so no matter where their arrows land, as long as they hit the target they’ll pop a balloon.

Don’t Force It
The most important rule of all don’t force them to participate. In my opinion, if you force them to shoot a bow, it will be like making them do chores around the house; they’ll do them but won’t enjoy it or ask you to do them again.

If you follow the tips above I’m betting you’ll lifelong bowhunting partner(s) and before you know it you’ll be smiling right along with your kids when they arrow their first critter.

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