Top 5 Guns At Annual Remington Seminar

NAH Senior Managing Editor Dave Maas is attending Remington's annual 2-day writers' seminar; here's a handful of guns that have caught his eye.

5. Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader. Capable of handling up to 200 grains of black powder substitute, this gun can effectively kill whitetails at 300 yards. Simply amazing, and surprisingly comfortable to shoot.

4. Model 700 SPS with threaded muzzle. Thirty-two states currently allow hunting with silencers, and Big Green wants a big slice of that pie. I shot the SPS in .308 Win. and couldn't miss; and crazy quiet, too!

3. 1911 RAC BB Pistol. Used as a trainer for shooters who want more trigger time with the 1911 platform, or those who like to plink in a tactical manner, this fun-to-shoot BB gun is 100 percent fun.

2. Model 783 bolt action package. Hunters who want a killer deal on a gun/scope package need look no further. Matched with a 3-9X scope, the 783 will retail at $300 or less, and comes with an adjustable trigger as well as many other fine features. This gun is built in Kentucky, and trust me, it is a great shooter.

1. You will hate me for this, but I had to promise my hosts from Remington that I wouldn't spill the beans on their biggest introduction for 2015 until January 1. And I won't be invited back if I break that promise. Suffice it to say I shot the new gun a ton during range day, and you will love it. I met the lead engineer and learned how to disassemble, clean and reassemble the firearm. No tools needed. Stay tuned!

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