Bullet Selection for Big Game

The most important aspect to hunting success is the person behind the gun selecting a suitable bullet type and weight that affords maximum terminal performance for the intended game animal.

Hunting bullets are designed to terminally perform in different ways for specific hunting purposes which varies from varmints to big game. The bullet we pick will change depending on the quarry we're hunting.

Depending on the caliber of your rifle, there may be dozens of different bullet brands, types and weights to choose from which is why selecting a well-constructed, reliable bullet that expands enough to carve out a devastating wound canal while retaining enough weight to ensure adequate penetration to reach the vital organs after passing through muscle and bone is necessary for a terminally performing big game bullet.

Nosler has been a leader in bullet manufacturing and innovation since 1948 with the advent of the Partition but that was just beginning of the Nosler legacy. Since 1948, Nosler has introduced the AccuBond, AccuBond Long Range, Ballistic Tip and the E-Tip. With so many great options in hunting bullets, here is a little bit of information about each bullet that will help you make an informed decision on which one is right for your hunting application.

The Partition is constructed with two lead cores that serve two purposes; the front section offers mushrooming at virtually all velocities down to 1800fps to maximize trauma in the wound canal, while the rear core allows for more than two-thirds of the original bullet weight retention. Because of this design, you get a bullet that expands and penetrates reaching into the vitals for excellent terminal performance. This is the benchmark bullet by which all other modern hunting bullets are compared to.

The AccuBond has a high ballistic coefficient for improved accuracy with longer ranges in mind (beyond 400 yards), coupled with the terminal performance characteristics of the Partition but with a single core construction that eliminates any component separation.

AccuBond Long Range
The key consideration for selecting the AccuBond Long Range is that it is designed to have a minimum terminal impact velocity as low as 1300fps compared to the 1800fps of all other Nosler hunting bullets. This is an extreme hunting bullet that performs accurately well beyond 1,100 yards while remaining terminal for big game hunting applications.

The E-Tip is lead free and therefore deemed by some states such as California as more environmentally friendly but that is not really the reason that I would take a hard look at the E-Tip. The E-Tip has the highest ballistic coefficient of all of Noslers hunting bullets, unsurpassed penetration and a weight retention 95% of the original bullet weight thanks to the copper construction. Plus this bullet will expand immediately down to a velocity as low as 1800fps. For heavy boned big game, the E-Tip will provide the stopping power and terminal penetration that is reliable.

Ballistic Tip
The Ballistic Tip has a polymer tip that causes expansion on impact expending its energy inside of the animal while offering in flight accuracy making it a dependable hunting bullet for animals that are lighter boned such as deer and antelope. The boat tail design makes it a flat shooting, wind defying, and accurate at longer ranges. An added bonus is that the Ballistic Tip is also pretty easy on the wallet. Often times in hunting, there is no second chance, selecting a reliable bullet that performs the first time and every time is critical to in-field success. Good hunting to you all.

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