Two New Coyote Rifles From Remington

At a recent industry event in West Virginia, a group of outdoor writers from across North America had the opportunity to handle some of the new firearms that will be debuting in the 2015 Remington catalogue.

Being a predator hunter at heart, I was especially excited to see two new offerings that any coyote hunter in need of a new rifle should put on the consideration list.

First up is the Model 783, Remington's offering for the value-conscious rifle buyer.

This gun (above) has been around for a few years in big-game calibers, with the hot news being that it will finally be available in two legitimate varmint calibers, specifically .223 and .22-250. The 783 has button-rifled barrel and adjustable trigger, so I expect these guns to shoot just fine. Both calibers will come with a scope already installed and will retail for about $300. I'm not as familiar with the 783 as I’d like to be, so these new calibers mean that situation will have to change. This is a heck of a deal, and when they hit the streets with a production version I'm going to grab one and see how it performs. Stay tuned.

At the other end of the price spectrum is the 2015 version of the 700 CDL SF Limited Edition, an attractive rifle (below) that will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Remington's introduction of the .22-250 as a factory caliber in 1965.

I had a chance to do some casual shooting with this gun in West Virginia, and it's as nice looking and handling a rifle as I've ever seen. Earlier this year I spent a month with the same gun in 7mm Rem. Mag. and fell in love with it. The .22-250 is even nicer because it's shorter, lighter and more responsive. This thing has “coyote killer” written all over it, but even at a street price of around $1,000 it's still not quite perfect in my opinion.

I'm big on detachable magazines for a coyote rifle, and this gun doesn't have one. For hunters continually getting in and out of vehicles on a typical calling/hunting day that means a lot of loading and unloading ammo. This rifle has the reliable Remington floor plate system, but it's just not as handy as a detachable magazine. I also wish it didn't have the SAAMI standard rifling twist of 1:14. I'd really like to see a faster twist, so us handloaders can use bullets with a higher ballistic coefficient. If you feel the same way, you'll have to join me in making that request known to Remington.

If you click the embedded links above, you'll see they only go to products which are similar to what I've described above. These new rifles are so new that as I write this the Remington website hasn't been updated yet, and they certainly won't be available to purchase for some time. But it's nice to know what's coming so we can save our fur money!

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