Maintain Traction During Your Hunt

Proper boots are an important part of a safe, enjoyable hunt. It may seem elementary, but it’s surprising how often people forget to wear good boots in the outdoors. Don’t be one of “them”. Remember to invest in good footwear for your hunt.

You might be hiking uneven terrain, through mud, streams and even on ice. Footwear with proper traction is a must for avoiding unnecessary slips or falls, which can result in damaged equipment or even injury. Good boots will fit snug on your feet without causing blisters from rubbing or numbness from pressure. Look for a boot that has good stability, traction and grip.

    Keep three key factors in-mind when shopping for a hunting boots:
  • Insulation – If you know you’re going to be hunting in snow, ice and below freezing temperatures, you can bet you should be looking at a Thinsulate lined boot. Keep in mind, you might sacrifice weight and the energy to carry around a heavy boot, if you get something too thick to hike in.
  • Waterproof – Personally, waterproof is a “must have” for me, even in warmer weather. On the other hand, my husband opts for tennis-hikers and lightweight shoes that allow his feet to breathe and dry quickly on a hot day. This is a matter of personal preference. Regardless, you should look for something that isn’t going to lose it’s support or cause you to slip when it’s wet.
  • Ankle support – A tall boot is another matter of personal preference. I like a boot that goes to my ankle, but one of my favorite hunting guides wears a pack boot that laces up, just below his knee.

If you haven’t developed a personal preference, be sure to try before you buy. Walk around until you’re sure you’re going to be comfortable and safe in the new hunting shoe or boot you’re considering.

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