Woodcock Action Heating Up

Diehard upland bird hunters love a challenge, and one of the toughest is pursuing woodcock in the wilds of the North.

Scott Kossan, owner of Rock Creek Kennel in east-central Minnesota, and his family and friends have been hitting the woods hard during the last couple of weeks with their pudelpointers, and according to him, the action has been excellent.

“For those of you with young dogs,” Scott says, “the woodcock action is really heating up. We are seeing big numbers starting to fall into the right cover. Remember, woodcock are the perfect bird for a young dog, and it is easy to paint a picture for your pup and let them know what life is all about. Lately, my dogs have been pointing 6-12 woodcock during a single morning or afternoon hunt.

“For those with older dogs,” Scott continues, “remember that they don’t need the reward of a shot bird. It's reward enough for them to stick a bird and then let you flush it just to work the bird another day.”

So how do you know if you are in good woodcock cover?

Scott says: “If your turning, twisting, sweating, cussing, missing, going north when you thought you were going south; if your falling, tripping, bleeding, missing, going east when you thought you were going west; if you used to take pride in your shooting abilities before you entered the tangled mess . . . then you're probably in the right area!”

Click here to learn more about pudelpointers. FYI: Kossan’s pudelpointers are in high demand so you’ll have to be patient, but owning one of these special dogs is worth the wait.

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