5 Must-Have New Products For Bowhunters

Bowhunters, are you looking to upgrade some of your gear this season? Here are five outstanding new products you need to consider.

The Truth Laser Range finder with ClearShot from Bushnell.

This awesome rangefinder gives you the ability to see the flight path of your arrow and helps you determine if your arrow is going to clear branches or other obstacles that might prevent it from hitting your intended target.

I’ve been using it this season to assist in setting-up new treestands and clearing shooting lanes.

The two pluses for treestand setup are;
A. I’ve been able to minimize the amount of cutting I’m doing when clearing shooting lanes.
B. There have been a couple of branches I wouldn't normally have cut that ultimately would have ruined my hunt had I fired an arrow, but with the help of the ClearShot technology I cut them and saved myself from making a devastating mistake.

Watch this video for all of the details:

Hyde Cliff Hanger Hang-On Treestand

Weighing in at only 13 ½ pounds this stand is perfect for the whitetail bowhunter who has a long hike to their desired stand location. It features padded backpack-style carrying straps, a self-leveling platform and a cast aluminum construction, which means no seams or rivets. It also comes with a nifty rope (hanging assist system) to aid you when hanging the stand . Using the hanging assist system made it much easier to hang the Hyde Cliff Hanger and cut the time I would normally spend hanging a stand in half.

In the photo above you can see how the hanging assist system aids in hanging the stand in a tree.

Rage KORE 3-Blade Broadheads

If you’re a fan of mechanical broadheads you should take a close look at the new 3-blade Kore broadheads from Rage. Typical of Rage they create devastating entry wounds and are extremely lethal. Speaking of lethal they feature a 1.6-inch cutting diameter with six independent cutting surfaces.

I had the opportunity to try the boradheads on a Texas pig hunt, back in August, and the pig I shot at 20 yards ran a mere 25-feet into the brush before it expired. Of the six pigs shot on the hunt all were recovered within a short distance from where they were originally shot.

Two of the six pigs shot on the hunt.

Watch this video for more info on the Rage Kore 3-Blade broadheads:

Helios Lighted Veins

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to shoot these yet, but I did have a chance to see them in action on the range, during my pig hunt in Texas. I noticed, when the wind was ripping at 10 to 20 mph the folks that were using the Helios had no problems keeping their arrows in a tight group. My first impression of the radically designed Helios , with six veins, was a positive one. I really think incorporating the Nocturnal lighted nock system with them makes for the sweetest looking lighted nock anywhere.

Watch the video below for all of the details:

Block Invasion Target

This target has become my new favorite because it’s light weight, easy to haul around and has high contrast graphics so I can see them in low light. Also, similar to the high-end Block Black the Block Invasion offers 4-sided shooting, stops all field points and boradheads and boasts a smaller price tag. Really the only place it falls short of the Block Black is that you can only shoot broadheads at the front and the back instead of all four sides.

Learn more about the Block Invasion target in this video:

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