Bear Eats Chinese Food

When David Edwards of Ketchum, Idaho, was awakened by his incessantly barking Irish setter/Lab mix, Stanley, at 3 a.m., he was shocked to discover a bear in the kitchen...

Standing on its hind legs and delighting itself with the previous evening’s Chinese stir-fry remaining on the stovetop.

On his way to the kitchen, Edwards passed his wife, Sara, asleep on the family room couch.

“I looked into the kitchen and saw this big, furry animal,” Edwards told the Idaho Mountain Express newspaper. “I was surprised that he was even there with the dog barking.”

Edwards said his first thought was to move his wife safely away from the kitchen area.

“I couldn’t tell her there was a bear in the house because she would’ve just lost her mind,” said Edwards. “She gets very upset over spiders.”

So, Edwards awakened his wife quietly, leading her safely to a back room. Then he crept back to the kitchen, where the bear had exited through the same door it had entered.

“I think he just kind of followed his nose, and our backdoor is kind of loose, so he just pushed it open,” Edwards said.

The 43-year-old securities trader credits his dog for waking him up to scare off the big bruin before it made its way farther into the house.

“He’s the hero—he saved the day,” Edwards said of his dog. “If it weren’t for Stanley, who knows what would’ve happened.”

In the meantime, we bet the family is now securing their backdoor and putting away their leftovers before retiring for the night.